Thappad Movie Official Trailer

Bollywood actress Taapsee Pannu’s upcoming Thappad Movie is in the news. A trailer of the film has been released on 31 January, and its second trailer has been released on 11 January. But Taapsee Pannu is demanding to report the second trailer of ‘Thappad‘.

The actress has demanded in the film’s trailer itself to ‘report this trailer and make it the most reported trailer in the world’. Like the first trailer of the film, the second trailer also stars Taapsee as a happy married girl who supports her husband and loves him dearly. Her husband also loves her very much, but in this trailer too.

the story gets worse when her husband raises his hands at the party and slaps Taapsee on her cheek. As we told you above, a ‘slap’ of the husband destroys Taapsee’s laughable world. After eating ‘slap’, Taapsee says’ you are waiting for further scenes, to watch the entire trailer 

Thappad Movie Story

Amrita (Taapsee Pannu) is married to Vikram. Amrita is very happy with her married life. Vikram is very ambitious, but Amrita is happy to be a homemaker. There is no objection in placing her second after her husband.

Amrita is sure that Vikram loves her very much and Amrita’s happiness is everything to her. But one day it happens that there is an earthquake in Amrita’s life.

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Amrita’s husband slaps her in front of people. Threatens Amrita’s wishes. Amrita is hurt. She is stunned by this behavior of her husband and the silence of the people around her

The film ‘Slap’ questions the relationship between man and woman. Is there an equal relationship between the two? When Amrita decides to fight her husband, she also inspires other women around her to take the initiative for change.

This film is the story of a middle class married woman. But this is not at all about her marriage or break up. It is about how a woman views marriage. What is marriage for a woman? What are the good and bad things in it? In the film inspired by the real incident, all this will be shown from the perspective of a woman.

Also, the talk of giving a deadly message of the film is circling in the corridors of the media. After ‘Manmarziyaan’, Amrita Pritam also has a connection with this film of Taapsee. It may be that his character’s name is only full, but the connection is guaranteed. Generally, whatever films are made here.

The story has been shown from the perspective of men. However, in the past, there have been some films which have a point of view of women. But their quantity is still very less.

Thappad Movie is the story of every house

The film’s director Anubhav Sinha and actress Taapsee Pannu are busy promoting it before the release of the Bollywood movie Thappad.

Bollywood actress Taapsee Pannu is known for doing good content films in the film industry. The actress has rejected many films because of her content. She has said this in many interviews. Now the actress’s film slap is going to be released. Ever since the trailer of the film has been released, discussions about the film are being done in every household. How wrong it is for a husband to slap his wife in anger and how much is right, things are going on. Now the director of the film Anubhav Sinha has also reacted to this.

Thappad Movie
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Anubhav Sinha was compared to his Thappad Movie with article 15 and asked if his film would affect the larger sections of the society. Responding to this, Anubhav Sinha said- Yes it is more relatable. Article 15 was such an issue that we try to believe that it is not an issue, but slap is an issue that you must be active in every household in one way or the other.

Thappad Movie Release date

Taapsee Pannu is in the lead role in it. The Thappad Movie posters and trailers are becoming increasingly viral and have already become hype about the film. It is believed that when this film is released, it will also earn excellently at the box office. Her tagline with the film’s title – ‘Slap, that’s it?’ It is also under discussion. The film will be released on February 28, 2020.

Thappad Movie song