Scientists at the university’s largest state-of-the-art the University of Punjab have developed a kit to diagnose the Coronavirus. A great achievement of the scientists of Punjab University has been made with the efforts of locally diagnosed koruna virus. The Corona Diagnostic Kit, developed by PU University Campus Professor Dr. Muhammad Idrees, says that one kit is worth $ 5.

Coronavirus update

Dr. Idrees says that if the government provides basic ingredients, thousands of corona diagnostic kits can be delivered in a week. The Vice-Chancellor Prof. Niaz Ahmed announced the successful corona test for the suspected patients and said that they will play a role in making the challenge difficult in difficult times.

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It is clear that the number of Coronavirus patients is increasing throughout the country, the total number of corona affected people has exceeded 150. Spokesman Sindh Government Murtaza Wahab says that the number of people affected by the outbreak in Sindh alone has increased to 146 out of which 119 are in Sukkur, 26 in Karachi and one in Hyderabad.

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