WASHINGTON: The US began testing the Coronavirus vaccine affecting the world, initially giving the vaccine to 4 people. The Coronavirus vaccine is currently being tested at the Washington Research Institute in Seattle, the US city. The vaccine is being tested on 4 healthy individuals.

The vaccine will be tested on 45 healthy humans and it will take 12 to 18 months to know its final results. Only then can it be determined how effective the vaccine is against the virus. If the vaccine succeeds, more people will be tested.

coronavirus vaccine

Experts have given some volunteers higher and some lesser amounts of the vaccine. Experts say that the vaccine will produce proteins in the body that will speed up the production of antibodies and thus improve the immune system.

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The vaccine was prepared in a record 42 days in China’s Academy of Military Medical Sciences. The vaccine will have no effect on the virus patients, but if it is successful, the use of it will keep the virus safe.

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