The Coronavirus has infected the entire system worldwide, while people have been left in their homes because of the virus that destroyed the economy. Netflix, the most popular online streaming site, has also made an important decision due to the Coronavirus. Netflix, the leading streaming site, has decided to reduce the quality of high-definition videos to reduce the burden on the Internet.

According to a foreign news agency, Netflix has reduced streaming quality in Europe for 30 days, a decision that has been made to reduce the pressure on the Internet due to the Coronavirus and ensure Netflix availability for its users. It is thought that Europe is the worst affected by the Coronavirus from the Wuhan city of China, where the death toll has left China behind.

Coronavirus infected the Netflix

Lockdown is currently underway in Italy and more than 150 million people have been detained in Quarantina. No government gathering and unnecessary exit from the country is also allowed by the government, which has led to difficulties in the burial and burial of corona virus victims.

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The Corona virus has now engulfed the entire world and so far has killed more than 10,000 deaths, while the number of people infected with the virus has exceeded 2 million 40,000 worldwide.