The 39-year-old woman from the American city of New Orleans underwent her test on suspicion of the Coronavirus but died before test reports arrived.

The woman, Natasha Ott, who worked at a local hospital, saw the first sign of the virus on March 10. He informed the hospital administration but was told that his symptoms were very minor.

Then, by Monday next week, he also had a fever and fever, after which he underwent his test.

On Thursday, he felt a slight chew to the lungs but did not pay any special attention. The next day, however, her partner found her dead in the kitchen.

According to the partner, she went out to walk with them a day earlier. The hospital is reluctant to declare her death a virus until Natasha’s test burns.

After Natasha’s death, her partner wrote in her Facebook post that, as experts say, the virus is not lethal, it is not.

He criticized poor medical facilities in the city of New Orleans, saying that the Coronavirus has been confirmed in more than 600 people in the state of Louisiana so far, and 16 people have died, yet the hospital has yet to deal with it. Not ready

Currently in Louisiana, the local administration has directed only those traveling abroad to test those suffering from respiratory distress or fever, but they have also given doctors discretionary powers Apart from this, you can test anyone if you deem it necessary.

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2 drive throw testing sites are also being opened in New Orleans, but it will test only those with obvious symptoms, and a third site of the same type is being opened that will test every suspect. 0