Coronavirus: The film and TV industry has come to a standstill. Shooting has been stopped since 19 March and will remain closed till 31 March. Theaters have been closed and the schedule of the released films has gone awry.

TV continues to air. TV serials usually have a backup of 5 to 7 episodes. These episodes will end by 31 March. Even if you shorten it and spread it by adding old things, the spice will end by April 3-4.

There is no backup of TV reality shows and a problem has arisen ahead of them. The player of the threats has already been shot so there is no problem ahead of it, but most of the shows have an over the backup. In such a situation, get ready to watch repeat telecasts. Bigg Boss season 13 could be rebroadcast.

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It is also possible that the shooting starts after 31 March. In such a situation, it will take 4 to 5 days to make new episodes. It is also likely that the shooting does not take place until 15 April as the coronavirus is spreading more rapidly.

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The problem has arisen ahead of the channels which show TV serials and shows. They will have to work through old programs and will not get advertisements. Channels that show movies do not have such a problem ahead of them.

Damage is difficult to estimate. Due to non-shooting, there is a loss. The TV channel will also have to face the loss of advertisements. This loss is in crores.