The Call of Duty game is considered one of the most famous Action games all over the world. as it spread in a very short period of its launch. In this period, it reached more than 50 million players from all over the world. According to what the company published on its official website, and therefore It has become one of the most important games that managed to reach this number quickly despite the presence of competitors such as PUBG, Fortnite and other such global games.

Call of duty game

This strong success of this game is due to the fact that it appeared at a very appropriate time, which is domestic isolation and curfews, where everyone stays at home and looking for different means of entertainment, and on the first day of its launch got 6 million players, and the matter developed and reached on the third day to 15 million A player, on the tenth it will reach 30 million players, and after a month has passed it has achieved 50 million players and more, and it is a continuation of success and will not depend on this number.

Call of Duty is one of the fastest Growing Action games that got a huge number of players in a short time for it and is currently working on adding updates to provide everything that players need and increases the atmosphere of excitement and suspense inside.