Pakistan Super League singer Ali Zafar released his song ‘Loot the Festival’.

Singer Ali Zafar has released the song ‘Lut Fair’ for the Pakistan Super League, which he himself sang while the teaser of the song rang just before release. The song not only features fan dance videos, but also features Ali Zafar himself.

The official song of PSL season 5 is ‘Ready’, not by any single singer, but by lead singers like Ali Azmat, Aseem Azhar, Arif Lohar and Aaron.

People had high expectations from this song but unfortunately the song did not meet the expectations of the people and the fans not only rejected the song but also criticized it indiscriminately and the fans were once again angry. Ordered to make a song for L.

It should be remembered that Ali Zafar invited the public to send his video as a dance step for the new song, which received good response from the youth.

Social media users have expressed their interest by sending several videos and messages on Twitter with the hashtag “Brother is Present”.

Originally posted 2020-03-02 10:54:23.