Gold Rate In Pakistan

Location24k 10g24k per Tola22k 10g
PakistanRs. 82,100Rs. 95,700Rs. 75,258
KarachiRs. 82,100Rs. 95,700Rs. 75,258
LahoreRs. 82,100Rs. 95,700Rs. 75,258
IslamabadRs. 82,100Rs. 95,700Rs. 75,258
RawalpindiRs. 82,100Rs. 95,700Rs. 75,258
PeshawarRs. 82,100Rs. 95,700Rs. 75,258
QuettaRs. 82,100Rs. 95,700Rs. 75,258

After the rise in gold prices in the global market, gold has become expensive in the local currency markets of Pakistan. According to ARY News, the trend in the global market is expected to rise, this week saw the rise in gold prices.

gold rate in pakistan

On the last day of the business week, the price of gold in Pakistan rose by Rs 1500 to Rs 95700 per kg. According to Chairman All Pakistan Jewelers Association Mohammad Arshad, the price of 10 grams of gold in Pakistan increased by Rs. 1287 followed by 10 grams of gold at Rs.

It should be noted that in the global market, gold rose $ 363 to $ 1683 an ounce. After the rise in the global market two days ago, the price of gold per tola in Pakistan rose to Rs

After the sharp rise in the price of gold in Pakistan, gold per pound rose by Rs 1500 to Rs 82047 and ten grams of gold increased by 1287 rupees to 82047 rupees. ۔

Chairman Jewelers Association Mohammad Arshad added that gold in the international market rose by $ 36 an ounce to reach $ 1683 an ounce. To be clear, even before this, once again, after the price hike, gold became cheaper, after the decline, the Gold Rate per tola was reduced by Rs 200.

In a statement, Chairman Jewelers Association Mohammad Arshad said that the Gold Rate in Pakistan fell by Rs 200 to Rs 8,4300 and 10 grams of gold declined by Rs 171 to Rs 72273.

Chairman Jewelers’ Association Mohammad Arshad further said that gold in the global market had reached $ 1467 an ounce after the increase of $ 04, while silver in the local market remained stable at Rs.

Gold Rate in Pakistan – Today Gold Price in Pakistan

On the other hand, sources also said that the value of the dollar in the interbank had dropped by 1 paise, while the open market was down by 10 paise, while the open market fell by $ 155.60 to $ 155.50.

In addition, sources said that the dollar was 6 paise cheaper in the Interbank, while the value of the US currency in the open market had increased by 20 paise, while at the beginning of 2019, the dollar was progressing against the rupee.

Originally posted 2020-03-06 01:59:56.