PUBG Mobile Lite officially on Alsocheal Media sites for announcement update 0.19.0 of the game PUBG Lite featuring this update features and add ons are not available in the game before, indicating that the update aims to develop the game and improve on a global level, and the face of fraud and methods of fraud, in This article will get to know the details.

PUBG Mobile Lite 0.19.0 Update

PUBG Mobile Lite has launched, on its approved account, the announcement of the date for updating the 0.19.0 Update, This update carries new and unique additions, and came through this announcement on the third day of next March of this year 2020, which corresponds to the anniversary of the launch of the annual PUBG Lite Success has spread widely throughout the world.

PUBG Lite Update Leaks


PUBG Lite has provided several unique features and additions, and through these additions, a feature to control the voices of players in the game, as an amusement park will be provided in the game, to employ a kind of entertainment and fun and break the monotony and boredom, in addition to providing a wide and many tools that facilitate the play process For players in the game, and also a new feature will be added in the game of Mobile Phone, which is seeing the way you die in the game, so you can watch yourself die while being killed by a member of the players with you in the game.

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It is worth noting that the game PUBG lite in version 0.16.0 was distinguished in several different features such as the presence of heavy snow in the map of Erangel, which is concentrated in the mountainous areas and a challenge near the school and the Bushenki area in addition to the presence of new weapons that were not present in previous versions of the game Buggy Mobile has many different supplies and spoils, and there is a large number of flare weapons concentrated in these areas

The player can skin in the aforementioned leather mountains, and there were also many improvements in the way the game is played and the game’s efficiency better

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