Some people are always doing Hindu-Muslim and Arjun Kapoor got angry on one such person. Actually Kareena Kapoor shared a photo in which her son Taimur is also seen.

Many people liked this photo, but many people started writing talks about Timur and his religion. Film actor Arjun Kapoor wrote the photo after seeing the picture – Real Nawab. One of his comments did not appeal to users. He wrote on Arjun’s comment – Another child in Bollywood is Hindu to Muslim, you feel good.

Raging Arjun Kapoor

Arjun Kapoor was agitated after reading this. He decided to answer and wrote – Hindu or Muslim, what difference does it make? He does not mind his parents and those who know him, so who are you to do Hindu-Muslim?

Many people liked this comment of Arjun and many disliked it. But Arjun showed that he does not back down in saying his words.

Originally posted 2020-03-25 09:24:09.