London: The Coronavirus has been confirmed in Prince Charles, the heir to the British throne. According to details, Buckingham Palace has said that the British Prince Charles’ Coronavirus test has come out positive, Prince Charles has had the symptoms of Corona on which he was tested. British Prince Charles has been transferred to Quarantina after the test came out positive. Prince Charles is the eldest son of Queen Elizabeth and is 71 years old.

The statement from the clearance house states that Prince Charles had minor symptoms for a few days, but although he was doing normal work from home, he is still in good health.

The clearance house also said that Princess Kamella had also been tested with Corona, but her test came from Negative, Prince Charles and his wife Kamila have isolated themselves at home in Scotland.

The statement said it was not possible to know who had infected Prince Charles with the Coronavirus, as he had met with so many people in recent weeks. The death toll from the Coronavirus in the UK has risen to 422 while the total number of victims is 8,077. However, only 135 of them have recovered.

Originally posted 2020-03-26 08:37:36.