Pakistan International Airline (PIA) has stopped serving food on its flights abroad, following precautionary measures regarding the Karuna virus.

According to the details, Air Marshal Arshad Malik, chief executive officer of the National Airlines (PIA), stopped serving food on domestic flights, following precautionary measures.

pia food

Orders have been issued by PIA’s GM Flight Services and instructions have been issued to all aviation staff, on which no domestic flight will be provided to passengers on any domestic flight of PIA. Security measures also ban the use of newspapers, during which only passengers will be provided with water.

According to the spokesperson, PIA is committed to global principles for the health and safety of passengers and staff. Prior to the departure of PIA’s domestic flights, the chemicals are being cleaned and disinfected with the help of germicidal chemicals. In addition, passengers are being flown in full Senate.

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On the other hand, after the PIA, private airline Airblue and Syrian Air have also completely stopped providing food to passengers on all domestic flights. The private airline also will not provide newspapers to passengers

Originally posted 2020-03-23 09:19:18.