The number of Coronavirus patients has crossed 12 million worldwide, so far the virus has reached 64,743 deaths globally. According to details, the number of deaths from new and deadly viruses from Wood Nintendo is increasing rapidly, with the possibility that the deaths will reach 1 million in the next week.

The Coronavirus has hit its paws in 206 countries and territories, with the highest number of 15,362 deaths due to the Coronavirus in Italy. The total number of cases has exceeded 1 lakh 24 thousand, the condition of about 4,000 patients is worrisome while 21 thousand patients have recovered.

In Spain too, the death toll is increasing very rapidly, so far 11,947 people have died due to the Kurona virus. The number of new cases of the virus in Spain has also increased. At present Spain is the second country in the world where the number of cases has reached a maximum of 1 million 26 thousand. 34,000 patients have recovered, but about 6,000 patients are in critical condition.

For the fourth consecutive day in the United States, killing more than a thousand lives, the death toll in the United States has risen to 8,454. It is still the first country where the number has exceeded 11 million 11 thousand. The condition of 8,000 patients in the United States is still a concern. In New York, a record of 630 people was killed in 24 hours, where the death toll rose to 3,560.

The death toll has risen to 4,313 after 700 people were killed in a single day in Britain.

55,000 people have been affected by the Karuna virus in Iran while 3452 have been killed, the number of victims in India has increased by 3 and a half, 2370 people in Saudi Arabia have been affected and 29 deaths.

Originally posted 2020-04-05 09:03:51.