Coronavirus Update: More than a million people have recovered from the deadly disease and new virus COVID-19, where the worldwide death toll is rapidly increasing.

According to details, 115,668 patients worldwide have been recuperated from the Coronavirus so far, these people were treated at various hospitals, or were isolated or kept in quarantine.

The worldwide outbreak of the Coronavirus has infected more than 4 million people so far, the total number of virus patients has reached 479,744, while the deadly virus has engulfed 198 countries and regions. ۔ He also fell victim to an international ship, the Diamond Prince, which has been anchored in Yokohama, Japan.

A woman returning home after recovering from a local hospital in Wuhan, China, in February

Fighting the flu The virus has now killed 21,566 people worldwide, while 14,797 patients have been declared in critical care, and those people have been put in intensive care. The virus originated in the Chinese city of Wuhan, and after the devastation in China, it became even more devastating when it spread to the rest of the world.

Twenty-one-year-old Cameroonian student from China who defeated the Coronavirus was the first African to get the virus.

The virus has killed 3,287 people in China so far, but now the death toll and new cases have dropped sharply, it is said that the virus has been controlled and 74,051 patients have recovered in China. But now the European country Italy gave China Left behind, where 7,503 people have died from the virus and 9,362 patients have recovered so far. In the last few days, the speed of casualties in Spain has increased very fast and it has also left China behind in the casualties. In Spain, the death toll has risen to 3,647 while the number of healthy people is 5,367.

In Iran, the Knight Wooden Patient signs a victory after recovery

Meanwhile, the Karuna virus proved deadly in Iran too, and so far 2,234 people have lost their lives, Iran is fourth in terms of casualties but 10,457 people have recovered. France has come in at number five, where the virus has risen to 1,331 and the number of healthy people is 3,900. Sixth highest in the world Powerful country America The virus has now accelerated and 1,036 patients have died of the virus while the recovery process is very slow and 428 people have recovered so far.

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