The latest DLC of online mode for “Grand Theft Auto 5” is stirring the fans. You suspect a first reference to the “GTA 6” map from Rockstar Games.
In the latest online mode DLC for “Grand Theft Auto 5”, attentive fans suspect references to the “GTA 6” map. Of course, the following information should be used with caution as it is not official. Nevertheless, the conclusions of the anticipated players sound interesting and we are curious whether they will ultimately prove to be true. If this is the case, old memories will come alive and we can even go to completely new shores.

“GTA 6” map: Is it going back to …?


The new DLC “Open Wheel” for “Grand Theft Auto 5” includes a racetrack called “Height of Society”, which should provide an indication that the “GTA 6” map is again oriented towards Vice City and South American cities. Although there is not even a release date for “GTA 6”, fans are sucking every last detail out of the fingers of the developers, which could even begin to satisfy their hunger for new information on the sixth part.

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So also with the said racetrack. The Rockstar fans believe that it looks like parts of North America, Florida, and even Mexico. The assumption leads them to the conclusion that the “GTA 6” map is located there. This would bring back pleasant memories of the then very popular part of “GTA: Vice City” and fans of the Netflix series “Narcos” would also get their money’s worth if their character was mistaken between loud “Arriba” calls through the Mexican metropolis may.

Originally posted 2020-03-10 10:32:18.