The pubg game is one of the most famous and exciting electronic games for players on the Internet during the recent period, and it is available on most platforms for smartphone devices such as Windows and Android and the iOS system for iPhone devices, and also works on computers, and the pubg was developed by a company Tencent, the game’s manufacturer, is in cooperation with Bluehole, a world-famous electronic game manufacturer.

The most important developments of the pubg game

The big game creator, PUBG developed the famous game owner Brendan Green, who took it from the idea of ​​the DayZ mod, which tells about simulating realistic open play between the camps and spreading within one place of fighting until there are only a few, so Green developed the idea through video games and creating an idea that contains On a large random map and a plane loaded with 99 players, players descend throughout the map to fight for survival on the battlefield.

The best settings for PUBG Mobile 2020

The PUBG game has made terrible gains in its first year with sales of more than two million US dollars, and the development of the game has begun to become one of the most powerful current fighting games that compete heavily, and now it has achieved more than 600 million downloads, breaking all records of other games.

Countries where pubg is banned

The pubg game, the game that is popular with everyone, has become under the embargo in some Arab and foreign countries, such as the State of Iraq, which banned PUBG in 2019 and included it under the list of electronic games that negatively affect young people during the current bloody conflicts, something that followed other countries ’approaches, while the rest thinks about The same thing.

In the state of Jordan, the game was banned during the year before last because the game spread significantly among young people, which affected negative results such as fights, nervousness, isolation and distance from studying. The Indian government also banned the game in some of its states and decided not to play during the exam season and that the game is addictive and violent and caused fighting Among students is also banned in the state of Nepal.

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