The fans of the PUBG Mobile game are waiting for the new official version of season 13 leaks and the PUBG Mobile game or the new update. which carries the number 18 of the updates made by the game, and the mobile phone game announced on its official page through a social networking site Twitter about some of the details, features and additions contained in the next update, and announced most of the New details for the upcoming season 13 or the new update officially.

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Season 13 PUBG 0.18.0 update

It is considered one of the most important additions and features offered to us by the programmers of the game Mobile Mobile through the new update. which is update 0.18.0 and is one of the most important additions in the new update as new places and atmosphere will be added to the map of Miramar and provided with a sandstorm and rain, and provide a map of cracks with the feature Double Zone i.e. Place the Zone in random areas of the Erangel map, 15X Scope, new equipment and clothes, and add a conversation with a demo bot to answer the questions, inquiries and problems facing the players inside the mobile phone game.

pubg season 13
pubg season 13

The launch date of the new season and expected additions

It is considered one of the expected additions to be provided during the PUBG Mobile game in the season 13 new update that holds 0.18.0 where one of the leaked predictions is the addition of underground tunnels in the desert map of Sanhok map, which also bears the name of crackers, but that information or addition has not been confirmed until now and is an appointment The launch of the new update has not been officially announced, as it is expected to be launched by the programmers of PUBG Mobile during the month of May 2020.

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