The Saudi Interior Ministry has appealed to its citizens to carry out all their public affairs online and not visit the offices. Saudi Interior Ministry has appealed to local citizens and foreigners to refrain from going to the office to carry out work related to the Interior Ministry and its subsidiary security agencies.

The Saudi Interior Ministry says Saudi citizens and foreigners can conduct their work online through Abshar. The ministry says that there are more than 200 jobs that do not need to go to the office of the Ministry of Interior or any of its subsidiaries. All of this work can be done online.

Coronavirus: Saudi Arabia

The Ministry of Interior made it clear that more than 15 million people from Absar are doing different tasks, so visit Saudi nationals and residents overseas to get information about the different tasks from the Interior Ministry and its departments and complete the process.

The ministry has also issued a contact number for any kind of information about the work. In Saudi Arabia, strict security measures are being taken to prevent the Coronavirus.

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Originally posted 2020-03-19 06:15:36.