The price of gold and gold per ten grams reached the highest level of Rs 9,4300 and Rs 80,847 respectively. The global bullion market rose by $ 9 per ounce and the price of gold per ounce in the global market increased to $ 1644. After the global market, gold prices in Pakistan also broke all records and Tola and 10 grams price increased by Rs 650 and Rs 557 respectively.

As a result of the increase in prices, gold price per tola in the markets of Karachi, Lahore, Multan, Faisalabad, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, and Quetta increased by Rs. 847 reached Rs.

gold rate in pakistan

The price of gold per tonne has risen to the highest level in history with a 1,000-cent increase. Chairman All Pakistan Jewelers Association Mohammad Rashid told Us News that the price of gold per tola has risen to Rs.

The price of ten grams of gold has risen by 12 hundred and eighty-eight rupees and in the global market, gold has reached 16 hundred and thirty-six dollars.

Location24k 10g24k per tola22k 10g
PakistanRs 81,400Rs 95,000Rs 74,616
KarachiRs 81,400Rs 95,000Rs 74,616
LahoreRs 81,400Rs 95,000Rs 74,616
IslamabadRs 81,400Rs 95,000Rs 74,616
RawalpindiRs 81,400Rs 95,000Rs 74,616
PeshawarRs 81,400Rs 95,000Rs 74,616
QuettaRs 81,400Rs 95,000Rs 74,616
SialkotRs 81,400Rs 95,000Rs 74,616

As we spoke to News, analysts said the coronavirus spread from China has affected the world economy and businessmen are preferring to buy gold to secure their investment.

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Analysts predict that gold prices could go up to $ 1700 an ounce in March. Local currency markets have also increased prices per tonne of gold and ten grams due to rising prices in the global market.

Gold prices in Pakistan reached the highest level in history, rising by Rs 750 per towel to Rs 94,250.

According to the details, where the effects of the spread of the Coronavirus from China are affecting the world economy, gold also became expensive, the price of gold in Pakistan rose by Rs. Silver in the local market remained stable, after which the silver weighed 1050 rupees.

In the global market yesterday, gold prices rose 16 cents to 5 cents to $ 1636 to 95 cents an ounce, which led to the rise in gold prices in Pakistan. In Pakistan, the price of gold rose by Rs 920 to Rs 9,3500 and 10 grams of gold went up by Rs 780 to Rs 80,161, while the price per silver rose by Rs 10 to Rs 1050.

Analysts predict that gold prices in March can go up to $ 1,700 an ounce, while investors are considering gold as a safe investment. It is believed that the mysterious and deadly virus that spread to China on January 23 has engulfed the entire world, affecting business activities worldwide while the number of virus deaths has exceeded 2300.

Originally posted 2020-04-10 10:30:11.