WhatsApp now gets the WhatsApp Dark Mode in the final version – both Android and iOS users can now use the dark mode. The hype surrounding the new dark design has been enormous for months. We explain how you can activate the new dark mode in Messenger.

If there is one topic that WhatsApp users have been dealing with for months, it is the upcoming dark mode for Messenger. Millions of users are eagerly waiting for the app to finally get dark.

The wait is now over: As WhatsApp has announced, the Dark Mode starts now for all users on iOS and Android devices as well as for the desktop version of the messenger in the final app version and thus for all users of the messenger.

The feature had been in beta for a while. The tests were apparently successful and the feature is therefore stable. The long wait should be worth it in the end, if you don’t want to experiment, but want to use a functional version of the WhatsApp feature directly.

Activate dark mode for WhatsApp: how it works

WhatsApp Dark Mode

In order to use the Dark Mode for WhatsApp, you need the latest version of the messenger. Below you will find the corresponding downloads for WhatsApp. If you have Android 9 or an even older smartphone OS, you will find the Dark Mode in WhatsApp, open the ” Settings “, select the ” Chats ” item and then under ” Design ” select the ” Dark” item.

If you use Android 10 or iOS 13 as the operating system, you can also use the system-wide dark mode in the settings of your mobile phone. The setting is also transferred to WhatsApp, your app is then displayed in the new dark look.

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If you still cannot find the function, a regular look at WhatsApp and possible updates are worthwhile. As with all major function rollouts, it can happen that some users are only gradually supplied with the update. According to WhatsApp, the distribution of the update should start immediately and be completed over the next few days. It is, therefore, best to manually check the Play Store / App Store for a possible WhatsApp update.

The advantages of dark mode for WhatsApp

Dark WhatsApp is not only used to satisfy users’ visual preferences. Under certain conditions, the dark mode for Messenger can also have a positive effect on our eyes, sleep and the battery of the smartphone.

WhatsApp Dark Mode

If you want to take care of your eyes, you should know beforehand that the dark mode cannot do this alone. Looking at the dark surface may release more of the hormone melatonin into our body, which can lead to better sleep, but the dark mode can also mean that you have to strain your eyes more to read WhatsApp messages. This is especially true when dark mode is used in a bright environment. It is, therefore, worthwhile to have the mode automatically controlled by the system settings of the smartphone according to the time of day.

When it comes to saving the battery of the Dark has fashion if and benefits if your phone has an OLED display. Then the dark pixels – in contrast to LCD screens – are really out and accordingly do not consume any energy.

Originally posted 2020-03-07 16:00:49.