PUBG Mobile players are always searching for places where there is a strong loot, so most of the players spread when they get off the plane to many places such as getting to the container area or the georgopol area or going down in the pochinki area because they contain a large number of homes or go down to other places, and there is no doubt There are some lovers and fans of the adventure game, PUBG who do not know the location of the isolated island, because it does not appear on the map road.

Isolated island in PUBG Mobile

The PUBG  Mobile game is one of the most popular games loved by everyone, so fans of the game search on the best landing places to get a strong lot, and despite the many places and homes within the game but they do not know the location of the isolated island, this island is located in a far place in the middle of the sea It is difficult to reach it except by obtaining a boat to go to, and it is a long distance from the land, which makes it always far from the location of the closed circuit, which makes it very close to the place of the beginning of the zone.

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Get the best PUBG Loot Locatin

Loot Locatin in PUBG

The secret island is characterized as being one of the best places to get a loot of fabulous tales in PUBG, where there are always a lot of sniper rifles that strike the enemy from a distance such as Kar and M24 and other strong favorite weapons for players as there is a third level protective shield with strong helmet 3, You also have a pistol trail and Scope 8 that give you the distance view.

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