The new PUBG MOBILE update, introduced by Tencent, with the aim of creating a Ramadan atmosphere in the game, encouraging players to stay at home and maintain social spacing, and in turn thanked Vincent Wang, director of the publishing department, for spending more time on PUBG, explaining that despite our inability to see each other And gathering in one place, but it is possible to spend time with our friends by practicing common interests, such as PUBG.

pubg mobile new update pic
pubg mobile new update pic


In addition to the Ramadan updates that added to the most popular survival game in the Arab and Middle Eastern atmosphere, the company intends to make an update with the number 0.18.0, and it will be released on May 7, 2020, the new update will contain many features such as Jungle Adventure Mode, Safety Mode, Miramar 2.0, and many other features that will add to the game exciting and exciting.

Current webpage strategies

The company that produced PUBG Mobile added several features and strategies that help to enjoy playing, and these strategies include:

PUBG Mobile Lite
  • The presence of liquid nitrogen, which helps to reduce the speed and freezing of enemies and reduce their movement.
  • The presence of hand tools and flamethrower.
  • The possibility of zombies climbing over low walls, and the presence of many new forms of zombies, in addition to
  • The possibility of getting rid of zombies for good.
  • Reducing the speed of zombies after hitting them with firearms.
  • It provides quick chat messages, the ability to see friends ’matches, and the ability to know other people’s information while watching matches.
  • The ability to complete daily tasks in order to survive and switch portable safes.
  • Set some tricks like dynamic weather prospects, and automatic door opening.
  • Send messages with great speed, edit chat messages in stock.
  • Provide previews, and friend invitations appear on the map.
  • Add a message (health reminder) to remind young people under the age of 18 that they have continued playing continuously for 6 hours, and to warn them of the need to take a break from playing.

All players around the world are waiting for the new PUBG MOBILE update with great eagerness, especially in light of the atmosphere in the world.

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