How to unblock 10 years Ban in PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular searches for PUBG mobile game fans for mobile devices so that the person can enjoy continuing these modern games with ease.

PUBG Mobile is one of the most Popular and games currently spread in the countries of the world and the most widely used who play the game in the field of age from 10 years and above.

The game revolves around confronting 100 players and confronting each other, and the number of players who are present in the confrontation continues to kill, and the players practicing the confrontation also become the lowest distance and the winner becomes the one who remains without dying at the end of the game and who gets first place.

Also on this map, there are many places that contain weapons, shields and helmets that you can get and use in order to protect you from the toys that shoot you to relieve your death from the game and also win and get first place.

The PUBG Mobile game started from its first season to the present day, and as well, do not forget that the PUBG Mobile game contains many gifts and surprises, such as clothes, weapons, and many more.

Just as when entering the PUBG game, there is the English word “PLAYER UNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS” known as where the game started on March 23, 2017, and it is available on Windows, Xbox One and also two versions were issued in early 2018 For both iOS and Android platforms, developed by Tencent, which has collaborated with Bluehole to release the game on mobile phones and works with the same engine as the original version. The original version was developed by the “Bluehole” company on the engine Enriel 4. It contains the Arabic language.

PUBG Mobile World, which is the most popular

  • PUBG Mobile Lite
  • PUBG Mobile Korean
  • PUBG mobile Vietnam version
  • PUBG mobile Korean version

Also, in the mobile game, there is a purchase of UC, the process of charging “formations”, which is available for the price of charging the 600 UC, and the price of 1080 UC and the most used in the process of charging 1080, there are many gifts, and you can open the boxes in which there are many confusions and weapons Helmets and a lot more.

PUBG Unban Appeal on the Official Suрроrt Wеbѕіtе

  • Go to the оffісіаl PUBG Support tісkеt сrеаtіоn page.
  • Select thе platform on whісh you рlау PUBG, in оur саѕе, PUBG Mobile Stеаm Suрроrt.
  • Inрut уоur correct email аddrеѕѕ, PUBG nісknаmе and PUBG Player ID.
  • Sеlесt thе ѕеrvеr (rеgіоn) on which you рlау PUBG.
  • Undеr “Iѕѕuе”, choose Bаnnеd -> Pеrmаnеnt Bаn.
  • Inрut a соnсіѕе уеt rеlеvаnt ѕubjесt, such аѕ Ban appeal.

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