The PUBG Mobile game is considered one of the most famous electronic games in our time, as it is with time spreading in more places throughout the whole world, and its popularity increases with every update to it, and despite facing many problems, it can overcome these crises, and one of the most popular versions of the PUBG Mobile Chinese version that got a huge number of players because of the features that distinguish it, and we will publish to you its various advantages and also mention the defects to you.

PUBG Mobile Chinese version Features

This version is distinguished by its many prizes and gifts that attract a lot of players to it from all over the world, it is also free and can be obtained without subscriptions and does not need a VPN connection, and it can be linked to another account for you in the game with another version different from it, not subject to interruption The irritation is like the original version because there is little pressure on it, and new updates are available before the original version.

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Disadvantages of PUBG Mobile Chinese version

There are some defects in the Chinese version, which is the need Vpn for when installing the game only, but then you will not need it, and you cannot see your friends in other versions of this version due to the difference of servers, and one of the biggest disadvantages is that the language available in this version is only Chinese, and therefore It is difficult for many to deal with.

Originally posted 2020-04-10 10:33:34.