The PUBG Mobile game launched a new update that all players had been waiting for a long time until. The Chinese version of the game postponed activating its update, which was scheduled to be launched on the 12TH of last February, due to the spread of Coronavirus in China and a number Another of the countries of the world, and the PUBG MOBILE is the game that is used in a very large number in the world and has been able to cause a sensation since it was launched two years ago.

0.17.0 PUBG Mobile Lite Leaks

The PUBG Mobile game is preparing during that month to celebrate the lapse of two years since its launch, by launching the twelfth season, which is expected to be launched on the eighth of this month, as this update is expected by a huge number of players for large promises from the company designed For her it will be very powerful and influential in the game, and it is worth noting that it will be of a large size ranging from one to two and a half Giga.

The PUBG Mobile game

Advantages of the new update from the mobile phone game

A real theme park has been added within the update, non-graphic, with the ability to restart in the game that enables you to restart any scene again, in addition to the ability to hunt animals and prepare food, change between different car models, and a large number of tools and other advanced equipment.

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Originally posted 2020-03-10 10:33:38.