PUBG Mobile Levels: We find that many electronic games currently on Android devices have the same goal of playing, which is to collect points to rise to a level in the game as well as win exciting rewards that make you strive to develop your level in the game. For example, the most famous game recently in the world of BATTLE ROYALE games, the PUBG Mobile game, which is one of the most popular Action games based on shooting, excitement, and creativity in the movements, all of this makes you a strong player and competitor. You can read several important topics about the mobile phone game that is written in the smallest detail and that will help you to understand the game well. We strive to provide all the information about the game to make it easier for you to play. All you have to do is just browse all the topics on our website.

PUBG Mobile Levels

Let’s talk at levels LEVELS in the game Bbjee Mobile PUBG MOBILE, the game requires you to perform tasks MISSIONS daily or weekly, and when the task is complete with all professional life up to a higher level, the game is not limited only to kill as many as possible enemies but collect points and complete the required tasks entitles you to Raise your level in the game.

PUBG Mobile Levels, Tire and Ranking Explained

There is the game from level LEVEL 1 to level LEVEL 100 and at each level, tasks will be given that must be completed. The levels of the promotion will be won at each completion 5 levels LEVELS which are bronze and silver SILVER and GOLD and platinum Platinum and Diamond DIAMOND and Crown CROWN.

As for the correct way to pass these levels and get them not as before in the game Mobile Phone

As the loot boxes that make them pass the levels, the new update is limited to completing the tasks required of you and collecting the largest number of XP and many other prizes. The game requires more experience, intelligence and accuracy to overcome all the difficulties that you will face when fighting the battle, not only killing but also killing Try to improve your level and find exciting ways to finish playing with suspense.

New update for PUBG Mobile

The new update for the game PUBG Mobile, especially that plays on Android devices, and the most high-quality. There are many beautiful and exciting things that make you play and play to win and collect many valuable prizes that help you a lot in your progress among other players as we mentioned intelligence, plan, strategy and identification the most accurate details of the game will make you a hero among heroes Mobile , as well as knowledge of the types of weapons used and methods of use, knowledge of places and areas of the map to get off the job, training in the use of weapons properly raise the gun or use the binoculars and many of the privileges that will be discovered With a practice game and develop the skills, you must play well to get the highest ranking points skipped levels must complete the required tasks every day are new tasks put you read and apply them.

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