PUBG lite Beta Version: The PUBG Mobile Lite game is among the best and most famous games in the current period for the mobile platform. Especially as it allowed the ability to play the mobile version for more than one platform, the most important of which is the computer and the Playstation. The game also worked on issuing several copies of them with various features, including the Korean version, the Chinese version, the Beta version.

PUBG Mobile lite Beta Version

The PUBG Lite Beta version is characterized as the best version of the mobile phone because there are many features and additions that are not present in other versions. The new update leaks are also available in PUBG Lite beta tester. if you are not allowed in the beta tester in Google Play store so here you can download PUBG Lite Mobile Beta For Free in Very easy and Sample way.

PUBG Mobile lite Beta Version

It is one of the multiple mobile phone versions dedicated to players in the state of beta, available free of charge on the Google Play Store and App Store, but it is not available to players outside the beta tester. For all smartphone systems by following the steps for downloading the copy below the article:

PUBG Mobile lite Beta Version

PUBG Mobile Lite Leaks

  • Helicopter
  • New Car
  • New RPG Gun
  • New Action Gun
  • New Miramar map in PUBG Mobile Lite
  • Rename card
  • Room card you can Buy From the clan section
  • M416 Gun skin
  • New Emotes
  • DP Gun Skin
  • New Location are also added in Erangle map
  • Aeroplan skin
  • New dress skin
  • and Best outfits

Download PUBG Mobile Lite Beta Version For Free for Android

Game NamePUBG Mobile Lite
Size600 MB
Rating on Google4.2
DevelopersTencent Games

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