PUBG MOBILE Lite Update The latest version 0.18.0. In light of the increase in searches for PUBG MOBILE Lite Update after the announcement of the availability of the new PUBG Lite Update 0.18.0 was announced by the official PUBG Mobile Lite account on the social networking site “Twitter”, and some features related to the update of the PUBG Mobile Lite New version were also announced. You can download the mobile version Lite for the reduced version for devices with low internal space, also you can download the Korean mobile to enjoy its various and somewhat different features from the original international game, and finally, we provide our followers with all the details related to the update of the new mobile and the download link.

Update: Version 0.18.0 was launched as of March 3, 2020, where you can now take advantage of the improvements and features of new updates to the global game PUBG MOBILE, and whoever wants to know how to change the name in PUBG Mobile Lite through the “free” rename card, And learn about the types of assault rifles in PUBG, and finally find out where the El Buzu region in Bebji is located on the map of Miramar.

Before delving into talking about the advantages of updating the PUBG MOBILE Lite season 13, “Embracing the Warrior Spirit” we must first define what is the international (PUBG Mobile Lite) game that has received a great welcome and widespread in all countries around the world.

It has been officially announced by the official game of the PUBG MOBILE Lite game on the social networking site “Twitter” about the availability of a download for the Season 13 update by following the PUBG MOBILE Update link attached to enter the Google Play or App Store, and then install the new version As soon as it is available on the specified date by the original Bebbij Mobile World Game, the game has determined its new update on the next date.

Originally posted 2020-05-15 10:31:03.