PUBG Mobile Lite 0.19.0 Leaks

PUBG MOBILE LITE Update: What you get in New PUBG Mobile Lite 0.17.0 Updates Winner pass and best outfits for Gamer and winner pass.

  • New Miramar map in PUBG Mobile Lite
  • Falcone for Free
  • Rename card
  • Room card you can Buy From the clan section
  • M416 Gun skin
  • New Emotes
  • DP Gun Skin
  • New Location are also aded in Erangle map
  • Aeroplan skin
  • New dress skin
  • and Best outfits


PUBG MOBILE LITE Update: In this article, we will talk about the advantages of the Lite version of the mobile game, after we previously talked about the features of the Chinese version, as well as the Korean version. As for the reason for the existence of multiple versions of the game, mobile is to aim to attract more users to the game and attract the players ’attention towards the game, as it is Always working on issuing updates between each short period, as these updates aim to increase fun, excitement and excitement within the game and to expand the stages and stages of play as they have more than 10 free phases, all of them are available via multiple different versions, as for the features of the version that we will talk about To clarify.


  • Its initial size does not exceed 500 megabytes, that is, half a gigabyte, as the size of the basic global version is 2.2 gigabytes, equivalent to 2250 megabytes.
  • The version is very popular as more than 70 million people have downloaded the game.
  • The version supports 13 languages, allowing easy play for most countries, including English, Turkish, German and Arabic.
  • It doesn’t mean that its size is that the graphics of the game are bad. Rather, it has high, clear and light graphics.
  • It works on version 6 and above of the Android system.
  • Available for download on all platforms, including the PlayStation, the computer and phones, on Android and iPhone.

How to play the Lite version on phones for iPhone and Android

PUBG Mobile Lite for Android

The version is available officially and free of charge in the Google Play Store, but before installing you will need an empty space of at least 2.0 GB.

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PUBG Mobile Lite for iPhone (IOS)

So far, the company Tencent Game, which is the company that developed the owner of the game, has not announced that it is available for iPhone devices but has said that it is working on making it available soon, and we will, in turn, put its link through the official store of the iPhone in this article as soon as the version is issued, so keep it up through the official source For today’s news article.

PUBG Mobile Lite Download

Downloads On Play Store100M+
DevelopersTencent Games

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