Many of us suffer from a delay response in the PUBG Mobile game, even though it is controlling the confrontation, but unfortunately due to the server response delay, the scales turn and become the biggest loser, and this happens due to the rise in what is known as PING or the response of game servers.

PING in PUBG Mobile

What is PING?

When the player says to contact PUBG Mobile servers to enter the competition via the Internet, there will be a continuous synthesis between the button presses that the player performs on the mobile phone screen and game servers, and the greater the distance between him and these servers as the PING rises, and therefore there was a delay in Executing player orders inside the game, and this speed is measured in a split second.

We are in the Arab region, unfortunately, we suffer from poor communication and after the game servers from the region, and therefore we may suffer continuously from this problem, but here in this report, we will put before you 8 solutions I do not want to say that it will cancel the weakness of PING, but will reduce it to the minimum possible.

Use the official Game Booster

Some phones have an internal Game Booster so that when activated it kills applications that can run in the background while playing and thus works to prevent these applications from communicating with the Internet and also frees the CPU and RAM to be completely free to the game PUBG Mobile and thus performance Better for the game and also for better communication, and these factors will make the PING rate suitable for the game.

Game Booster

There are some Android phones that contain the main Game Booster such as Xiaomi devices and OnePlus and also OEM, while if your phone does not contain Game Booster we recommend you download from here for Android phones and here for ios phones.

WiFi connection settings

If you use a WiFi network to play over the network and have a good connection, there is a way that can contribute to significantly improving PING by following the following steps:

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Go to Settings, then to WiFi and then go to Advanced Settings and choose Extreme Mode.
This step will make the PUBG Mobile game control all internet resources in your phone, thus better communication and also better PING.

Uninstall apps in the background

Another way to fix ping in the PUBG Mobile game is to stop syncing applications in the background manually, you can do this on any Android device by opening the settings and going to the applications, then select the suspicious application that uses an internet connection and click on “Restrict Use Data ”then deselect both“ WLAN \ WiFi ”and“ mobile data ”.

Use the accelerated GFX Tool

If the above steps do not reduce the Ping in PUBG Mobile, you can try some external applications. The GFX Tool application is one of the most popular applications among smartphone players and you can use it to reduce the level of ping while playing games.

accelerated GFX Tool

Through the application change, the following settings for the game PUBG reduce graphics: graphics up to 720 pixels, and make the quality medium or low, and disable shadows and lighting effects and finally enable the optimization of the GPU, these steps will help to reduce the ping in a large way and you can download the application GFX Tool through the following link, for iOS devices, you can download the application from its official website via the following link.

Server changed

Sometimes due to heavy load or distance, PUBG servers cannot keep up with many requests and this leads to higher ping rates. Therefore, you can simply change the server or server in PUBG Mobile and monitor whether ping drops to less than 100 or not. In addition, you can also use a VPN app that will help you connect to servers that may not be dedicated to your area, but perform better. I have tested the Turbo VPN app and it is among the best free VPN apps available with an excellent response time. So, install the VPN and change the site to your country and try to play the game.

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Storage space on the phone

If the storage space on your smartphone is full, there will be some restrictions on the space that will affect the PUBG Mobile game, you must clean your device in order to play without problems There are many applications that take advantage of the space without the benefit of the cache even if you do not You use this often for that, go to settings and open apps, then clean the cache from suspicious apps, this will contribute to a better gaming experience in PUBG Mobile.

Fix the game

If all of the above steps fail, you can always fix the game using the internal settings on the login screen, click on the “Fix” button and it will reinstall the Piggy Mobile game from scratch, but be aware, this step will reset all the game settings and controls that you have customized But we also think that this move can significantly reduce ping while playing.

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Use a 5GHz router

You have a strong internet connection and did all of the above but the ping level is still high and you could not lower it to less than 100 milliseconds if the router might be the reason for this, at present our homes are filled with a lot of smart devices that work in the same band of 2.4 GHz and this makes the frequency band of 2.4 GHz very crowded, and if there are already people from your family or friends playing the game on the same connection then the ping will become much worse so getting a router at 5 GHz will allow you to connect to the server in a way Faster without any delay in response.

These are 8 steps that we have set for you to be able to enjoy in the PUBG Mobile game without any problems in contacting or delaying Ping, which is a nightmare for every player, especially in our Arab region.

Share your experience after applying some or maybe all of these steps in order to reduce Ping and enjoy a better gaming experience on your mobile phone in the mobile phone game.

Originally posted 2020-04-23 02:15:08.