PUBG Mobile Tips: It is known about the game of Mobile Phone that it is one of the most famous Action games that exist today in the whole world. As it has achieved great success since its inception and has been obtained by a huge number of people in all countries in the world, as it is characterized by the pleasure and excitement that attracts players to it, and has The number of its players soon reached about 600 million, so we are publishing some PUBG Mobile tips and secrets that make it easier for you to Get Chicken dinner.

Tips to Win Chicken Dinner on PUBG

Tips to win in the mobile game

One of the most important tips for getting to win in the game PUBG Mobile is choosing the place during the landing with precision and focus so that you are not easily targeted by the enemies, so you must choose the empty place that does not have crowds, and that your thinking is not only the collection of tools, and attention must be paid Looking at your map to see where to go and hide in safety.

Secrets help players win after the latest Buggy update

We advise you to hide behind trees and buildings and wait until the right time comes to attack the enemies, and the place should be examined with eyes well before moving, and we advise you to use motorcycles and vehicles that facilitate you to move and the transition in the game, and if these tips are adhered to, you are closer to winning the game.

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Originally posted 2020-04-10 10:24:00.