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Pokemon Home Releases Update 2.1.1

The latest Pokemon Home update introduces some new features and fixes, but one much-requested feature is still missing from version 2.1.1. The Pokemon Company has started rolling out a new update Pokemon Home, bringing the popular mobile app to version 2.1.1. This is a small patch that modifies some features introduced in update 2.1.0 Pokemon… Read More »

High on Life Releases Update 4

The latest High on Life update has just been released, addressing more of the quirky sci-fi title’s technical issues and adding new graphics features. High on life is getting a fourth patch, one that will finally add new graphics features along with some smaller quality of life improvements. Despite garnering mixed reviews from critics, Squanch… Read More »

No Man’s Sky 4.12 Patch Fixes Several Issues From Fractal Update

No Man’s Sky’s last major update brought various issues for players across platforms, many of which have been fixed in patch 4.12. While No Man’s SkyThe last major update had caused a long list of issues for players across platforms, many of these issues have thankfully been fixed in the game’s latest 4.12 update, with… Read More »

Hi-Fi Rush First Major Update Adds Fan Favorite Feature

Just over a month after its release, the surprise Hi-Fi Rush is getting its first major update that adds a long-requested Photo Mode and bug fixes. The third-person rhythm-based action game Hi-Fi Rush is getting its first major update and with it comes a new feature that fans of the great cartoon game will love.… Read More »

WoW Dragonflight Patch Brings Massive Shaman, Paladin Buffs

Home Gaming news WoW Dragonflight Patch Brings Massive Shaman, Paladin Buffs The latest World of Warcraft: Dragonflight hotfix gives Shamans a particularly big boost, while Paladins and Death Knights have also gotten a boost. Blizzard closed out the month of February with a display World of Warcraft: DragonflightShamans, Paladins, and Death Knights are all worshiped… Read More »

Diablo 4 PC Minimum and Recommended System Requirements Confirmed

Home Gaming news Confirmed minimum and recommended system requirements for Diablo 4 PC With Diablo 4’s upcoming open beta fast approaching, Blizzard is revealing to fans the minimum and recommended PC requirements. During a live stream, Blizzard shared the necessary PC specs with fans Diablo 4 Open test platform. It’s important to keep in mind… Read More »

Grand Theft Auto Online Gets New Update

Rockstar unveils the latest update for Grand Theft Auto Online, improving the quality of the game for those who enjoy being a gangster in Los Santos. Rockstar has released update 1.66 for Grand Theft Auto Onlinebringing various improvements to its multiplayer offshoot Grand Car Thief 5. This update will allow players to further estimate their… Read More »