High on Life Releases Update 4

By | March 3, 2023

The latest High on Life update has just been released, addressing more of the quirky sci-fi title’s technical issues and adding new graphics features.

High on life is getting a fourth patch, one that will finally add new graphics features along with some smaller quality of life improvements. Despite garnering mixed reviews from critics, Squanch Games’ quirky FPS was a surprise hit when it launched on PC and Xbox Series systems in December – and has been considered one of Xbox Game Pass’ biggest Day One releases. High on life puts players in a world overrun by sinister aliens bent on rounding up humans for drugs, with the only hope for Earth being an arsenal of talking weapons with outrageous personalities.


Despite its imaginative premise and gameplay, High on life has divided players due to its seemingly non-stop dialogue and a number of technical issues. Developer Squanch Games has already addressed some of these issues via downloadable update updates, with the third and most recent released in January. This last one High on life The update added the ability for players to change the game’s field of view for a less limited visual experience, as well as fixed some end-game glitches that halted progress and prevented players from unlocking certain achievements.

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Recently, High on life released its fourth and latest update patch, which continues to address the many game glitches and achievement issues that players have had the misfortune of encountering. Also fixed loading issues that slowed down the game and added two new graphics settings: Performance and Quality. As with most games running these settings, Performance trades visual fidelity for a smoother 60fps frame rate, while the quality is boosted High on lifeIts colorful graphics at the cost of only running at 30 fps.

High in Life Blim City Luglox

These new bug fixes and graphics tweaks come at a time of uncertainty High on life. Just a few months ago, Squanch Games CEO Justin Roiland was charged with felony domestic violence in California, resulting in his resignation from Squanch Games in late January. While the studio will carry on in his absence, Roliand’s controversies and legal troubles could have a negative impact on Squanch Games going forward – even when High on life continues to cultivate a fan base thanks to Xbox Game Pass.

This fan base will definitely appreciate the new fixes and features it brings High on lifethe latest patch update, which will ensure that the funny sci-fi shooter looks and works better than ever thanks to new performance and quality settings. His future High on life and Squanch Games may seem uncertain for now, but at least the studio continues to address the many issues players have had with the surprise surprise.

High On Life Patch Notes

Bug fixes

  • Fixed save game compatibility issue affecting progress in unlocking certain achievements and hunter challenges.

  • Fixed unlimited house load issue when warping in final mission during final preparation.

  • Fixed loading screen crashing on death during combat in Zephyr.

  • Fixed issue where player would respawn and get locked out of a warp base door during Krubis.

  • Fixed an issue where the player would get stuck when going through the Human Haven gate outside of Applebees.

  • Fixed issue where player could not lower weapons during Rescue Lizzie.

  • Fixed Krubis being stuck underground during the Boss Fight.

  • Fixed the issue where Lezduit was available after the game, resolving the following issues:
  • The player was locked in a room in the Human Haven while the Lezduit was equipped.
  • Lezduit was available in stock and on the couch after the game.
  • Fixed the “Eye Scream, You Scream” achievement not unlocking when expected.
  • Fixed “Mods Please Ban” achievement – can now be completed reliably as 30 hunter deaths are now possible.

  • Fixed enemies not appearing. Ex: Schlooper location on the outskirts.

  • Fixed low FPS issue during Xenoslaughter at 3440×1440 resolution.

  • Fixed missing voice lines for the final Ant shot message at the end of bounty 9-Torg.

  • Fixed missing voice lines for Clugg’s Suits and Sweezy during Giblets donation.

  • Fixed missing background music in the Slums tunnel during the 9-Torg bounty.

  • Fixed ant enemies going through a ramp wall during the 9-Torg bounty.

  • Improved performance in Destroyed Earth during Garmantuous Bounty.

Content and feature updates for the Xbox series

  • Updated default image quality setting – now called rendering mode. This is meant to run at 60fps with dynamic resolution (up to 1440p on the X Series, up to 1080p on the S Series).

  • Added a new quality mode that features improved visual quality targeted at 30 fps. This works at up to 4k dynamic resolution on the X series and 1440p on the S series.

Content and feature updates for PC

  • Added Native and AI quality enhancement features (Nvidia DLSS, AMD FSR 2.0 and Intel XeSS options), now available in settings menu.

Content and feature updates for all platforms

  • Added settings to disable drift and distortion for the heads-up display (HUD) in the settings menu.

High on life is now available for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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