Kanai cube location in Diablo 3

Kanai cube

cube is a powerful pattern of holandric ingenuity that tells us to change into new ones. It allows you to extract and equip legendary item powers. Three is the slot for one of the main uses of cube legendary power extraction but it can be repaired, upgrade and additional items too. We will go over where to go and how to get the right here Kenai’s cube Diablo 3.

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Kanai cube location in Diablo 3

Where to find Kanai's Cube
Where to find Kanai’s Cube

The Kanai’s Cube Act can be found in the ruins of Seychiron located in the right corner at the top right of the 3 maps. Once you arrive, go to the city left and make your way in the ruins around. Find one of the corns (upper right, lower right, lower left or lower right) find you the entrance to the original zone you need to enter. Once you enter the elderly center, you need to reach about the end through the entire zone. Before finishing, you should find a cubic of conai surrounded by orange just click on it, and it will automatically be ready to use, back to the city. It is important to note that you have to find a Kanai cube once every season, but only once for your entire account. Once you find it for a role, it will also be available for us on all your alts, once you have it, the cube can be accessed from any town in the game.

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