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Redfall: Best Action & Adventure Game For Xbox 🔥 Redfall Release date and leaks




RedFall is New Upcoming Action and Adventure game for Pc and Xbox. Xbox lovers need to try this game at once this game is full will unlimited fun action and adventure. This is a feature-based game with some magic.

image source: Xbox Website

Redfall Revealed, Coming Exclusively to Xbox Series X|S. This is a first-person game and you can also make your squad fight with vampires. In this game the main story is you and your team fight with a vampire who attacks the city of RedFall basically RedFall is the city and you are the hero of this city. This game is made by Arkane Austin who is the award-winning team and also the creator or publisher of this game.

image source: Xbox Website

in tHis island, you and your team pic advance weapons and customize or upgrade your weapons to compete with vampires. Pick whatever you want to pic and customize by yourself.

image source: Xbox Website

you can play this game with your friend and make your squad if you want you can also play solo if you want the Redfall trailer if officially released by Xbox and also more redfall leaks are also available on Xbox official website.

image source: Xbox Website

Redfall Game Release: 2022

Developers: Arkane Studios

Publisher: Bethesda Softworks

Mode: Solo and Multiplayer Game

Platforms: Xbox and PC

Genres: First-person shooter Action and Adventure Game

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Is Forza Horizon 5 cross-platform? Crossplay guide for Xbox & PC



Forza Horizon 5 arrives on Xbox & PC on November 5, but can you play cross-platform with your friends? Here’s everything we know about Forza crossplay.

The Forza Horizon series is well-renowned for its signature open-world racing experience and fans will no doubt be excited to jump back into it on release.

Whether you’re looking to prove your mettle as a racer or simply kill some time in the new Horizon Arcade, there are plenty of online play options available to those who are looking for such an experience.

Since the game is going to be available on Xbox consoles & PC, there is still the lingering question of whether or not your friends will be able to join you in races across not only the different console editions but also the PC gap.

Does Forza Horizon 5 have crossplay?

Xbox Game Studios

Racing with friends is part of what makes the Forza Horizon series a special experience.

The answer is yes, FH5 will support full cross-platform capabilities between the Xbox family of consoles and the PC version.

This means that every player who owns the game will be able to connect to their friends, provided they have reached the in-game requirements to do so. In Forza Horizon 4, this meant completing the one full seasonal rotation before being able to squad up.

While there’s no limit to who you can play with, Horizon 5 does have some limits on retaining your progress across platforms.

Will Forza Horizon 5 support cross-saving?

According to the Forza Motorsport FAQ page, it says it will allow players to keep their progress regardless of which platform they’re playing on, with the exception of Steam users.

While they’ll still be able to connect to anyone else in the game, there is no way to transfer a save from the Steam platform to any of the Xbox consoles.

How to turn Crossplay off on Xbox

Bronco Badlands Forza Horizon 5
Xbox Game Studios

If you’re concerned about the performance difference between PC & Xbox, you can always turn off crossplay in your Xbox settings.

If you’re concerned about the PC competition having one up on you, there is a way to prevent meeting them in matchmaking.

You’ll need to take a journey into your settings and switch some things off though:

  1. Go to your Xbox settings
  2. Scroll to Account and head to Privacy and Online Safety
  3. Click on Xbox Live Privacy
  4. Click on View Details and Customize
  5. Click on Communications and Multiplayer
  6. Change “You can play with people outside Xbox Live” to block

This will keep you from matching up against them, but it may increase your queue times for events that require multiple players.

That’s all there is to know about crossplay on Forza Horizon 5. Get out there and enjoy crushing your friends in one of the hundreds of new cars in this edition of the game.


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How to complete FIFA 22 Bernardo Silva RTTK SBC



A brand new Road to the Knockouts SBC is available in FIFA 22, and this time it’s for Man City midfielder Bernardo Silva. Here we’ll show you exactly how to complete it, with requirements, cost, and solutions. 

EA SPORTS released the Road to the Knockout Team 2 in Ultimate Team on October 22, and along with that new batch of players, we also got a brand new RTTK SBC.

Bernardo Silva’s Man City side is currently sitting near the top of the Premier League, which means the midfielder could be in for an upgrade should the Citizens make the Knockout round of the Champions League.

So, let’s take a look at how to knock this SBC out quickly and how to grab the 88 OVR player for as few FUT Coins as possible.

How to complete FIFA 22 Bernardo Silva RTTK SBC

Silva RTTK in-game stats


Silva has decent stats for an 88 OVR, and could improve as time goes on.


  • 1 Small Prime Mixed Players Pack
  • 1 Mixed Players Pack
  • 1 Small Rare Mixed Players Pack
  • 1 Premium Mixed Players Pack
  • Bernardo Silva RTTK card — CAM — 88 OVR

FIFA 22 Bernardo Silva RTTK SBC requirements

In total there are four different Squad Building Challenges you’ll have to complete to unlock Silva’s new Road to the Knockout card.

All of the requirements are listed below, along with a cheap solution for each.

Road to the Knockouts


Tactical Emulation

  • Number of players from Manchester City: Min 1
  • In Form Players: Min 1
  • Squad Rating: Min 83
  • Team Chemistry: Min 70
  • Number of players in the Squad: 11
  • Reward: 1 Mixed Players Pack



Here’s a solution for the first FIFA 22 Bernardo Silva SBC.

National Duty

  • Number of players from Portugal: Min 1
  • In Form Players: Min 1
  • Squad Rating: Min 84
  • Team Chemistry: Min 65
  • Number of players in the Squad: 11
  • Reward: 1 Small Rare Mixed Players Pack



Here’s a solution for this FIFA 22 Bernardo Silva SBC.

Premier League

  • Number of players from Premier League: Min 1
  • Squad Rating: Min 85
  • Team Chemistry: Min 60
  • Number of players in the Squad: 11
  • Reward: 1 Premium Mixed Players Pack



Here’s a solution for this FIFA 22 Bernardo Silva SBC.

There you have it — how to complete Bernardo Silva’s brand new Road to the Knockout SBC in FIFA 22 using FUTBIN solutions.

Silva RTTK SBC cost

Altogether it seems that this set of four SBCs to unlock this FIFA 22 Bernardo Silva special card will run you around 111,000 FUT Coins on PlayStation, 125,000 on Xbox, and 116,000 on Origin PC.

As always, the FUT market can change prices rapidly, so these costs could very well end up fluctuating slightly.


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Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris map & rewards this week (October 22 – 26)



Destiny 2’s pinnacle PVP activity, Trials of Osiris, has finally returned to the Crucible. Here’s everything you need to know about the Trials of Osiris map you’ll be battling across and the rewards that are up for grabs this week (October 22).

Destiny 2’s Season of the Lost is off to a solid start, but there was one big absence for the new content’s first two weeks – Trials of Osiris. Thankfully, it returned in September, and that means you’ll be able to jump into sweaty PvP matches — with a new set of changes.

Although the playlist has struggled with issues like cheaters, account recovery services, and technical issues within the broader Destiny 2 experience, Bungie has rolled out some fresh tweaks this season to improve it.

Here’s a super quick rundown of what you can expect in Season of the Lost:

  • Trials will only be available to players that own the latest annual expansion (Beyond Light)
  • You can keep playing once you’ve accrued three losses and still earn gear (although Trials will only offer its best rewards to Flawless runs)
  • PC players will now notice BattlEye anti-cheat is in effect
  • Perhaps the biggest change is that Trials of Osiris will now offer matchmaking

As Trials of Osiris returns to the Destiny 2 directory for another weekend, we have the run-down on everything you need to know in order to prepare yourself for the competition, including the map you’ll be playing on and all the rewards that are up for grabs.



Here’s everything you need to know before jumping into Trials this week.

Trials of Osiris map this week (October 22 – 26)

We’ll find out the map at 10 AM PDT/6 PM BST on Friday, October 22.

Destiny 2 fan and graphic designer Relikt has put together a series of great callout maps, check out the Bannerfall one below for last week.

Bannerfall Trials of Osiris map for Destiny 2 by Relikt

Relikt’s maps are key to going flawless.

Trials of Osiris rewards this week (October 22 – 26)

Now that you have the scoop on this week’s Trials of Osiris map, you’ll want to know what loot is in store for those brave enough to enter the playlist.

Rather than the usual 3, 5, 7, and Flawless win thresholds required for rewards, players will no longer earn specific weapon drops. In fact, you’ll now earn Trials Engrams for leveling up your reputation with Saint-14 in the Tower’s Hangar.

  • Reputation Rank 10 – Eye of Sol (Kinetic sniper rifle). Once you’ve reset your reputation, you can earn The Messenger (Kinetic pulse rifle)
  • Reputation Rank 16 – Igneous Hammer (Solar hand cannon). Once you’ve reset your reputation, you can earn Sola’s Scar (Solar sword)
  • Flawless run – The Messenger (Adept) (Kinetic pulse rifle)

Once a Trials of Osiris reward has been unlocked, you can re-roll for the cost of a Trials engram – meaning farming rolls has never been easier.

Don’t forget, though, you can get better gear with higher stat rolls through going Flawless. Rank 10 and Rank 16 Trials Reputation will also guarantee weapon drops.

Once the Witch Queen arrives, you’ll need to buy it to take part in Trials of Osiris going forward.

Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris Saint 14 Vendor Screen

Which Trials of Osiris Passage is right for you?

Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris Passages explained

With the playlist revamp in Season 15, Trials of Osiris also underwent some changes to its Passages (or Cards). These quest items grant you access to the Trials playlist each weekend, and there are some important changes to note under the new system:

  • Passages no longer track losses
    • Each Passage is either Flawless or not, which allows you to keep playing and earning rewards regardless of how many losses you suffer
    • Players can still reset their Passage after a loss, but are no longer forced to do so after hitting three losses on their card
  • Passages now track up to 20 rounds won
  • All Passages have had their prices significantly reduced
  • Passages are now account-wide, meaning you can play and earn rewards on any of your characters using the same Passage
Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris Saint 14 Vendor Screen 2

Make sure you grab the right Passage before hopping into Trials for the weekend.

These changes, and what they mean for you when gearing up for the playlist, can be pretty confusing. Fortunately, we have a breakdown of each Passage, what it does, and which one might be right for you:

  • Passage of Mercy: This Passage forgives one loss per run
    • If your goal is to make it all the way to the Lighthouse, this is the Passage for you. You’ll get one free loss without needing to reset your card and start from scratch
  • Passage of Ferocity: This Passage grants you a bonus win after reaching three wins on your card
    • Usually the next choice behind Mercy for Flawless runs, this will allow you to skip an entire match on your way to the Lighthouse — but, you won’t have the loss forgiveness that comes with Mercy
  • Passage of Wealth: This Passage grants increased Trials Rank points from reaching 3, 5, and 7 match wins
    • If you’re more focused on farming Trials rewards, and aren’t concerned about going Flawless, this is the card for you. With the new Trials reputation system, the Passage of Wealth will bump up your rank with Saint-14 more quickly than any other card
  • Passage of Confidence: This Passage grants a bonus reward from the Flawless chest, but you can only acquire this card after already going Flawless that week
    • If you’re confident about your skills and have a solid fireteam to play with, the Passage of Confidence can help you rack up more rewards at the Lighthouse, but is arguably the most difficult Passage to play

Picking the right Passage for you (and your teammates, if you plan on entering Trials with a pre-made fireteam) will go a long way towards making sure you get the most out of your time in the playlist each weekend.

Destiny 2 The Messenger Trials of Osiris Pulse Rifle

The Adept Messenger pulse rifle is up for grabs as the Flawless reward this week.

Trials of Osiris weekly Destiny 2 reset

Trials of Osiris goes live each week on Friday (October 22) at daily reset (10 A.M. PDT / 1 P.M. EDT / 5 P.M. GMT / 7 P.M. CET) and will remain active in the Crucible directory until Destiny 2’s weekly reset on the following Tuesday (October 26).

Before diving into the competition, you’ll need to make a stop at the Tower’s Hangar and talk to Saint-14, the Destiny 2 vendor who oversees Trials. He’ll be your main source of bounties and rewards throughout the week, and the person who provides each of your Trials Passages.

There you have it, that’s everything you need to know about the Trials of Osiris map and rewards for this week. Make sure to jump into the playlist with a couple of your buddies before next week’s reset puts the game mode on its typical hiatus.


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